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Stationary Industrial Crane Rods

First, let’s gather our materials:• 2- flanges for 1/2” pipes • 8- screws• 2- 1/2” 90 degree elbows • 2- 1/2”x 1” nipples• 2- 18” galvanized pipes• 2- 1/2” end caps• power drillWe were able to find everything in black at Lowe’s.The next thing we did was find a stud we could screw the flange into.

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Once all 4 screws were secure in the flange (we used the power drill to screw them into the wall), attach one end of the 1/2”x1” nipple to the elbow. Then twist the other end into the flange.
Make sure the open end of the elbow is facing towards the window and is tight enough that the weight of the curtain won’t pull the rod down or un-level it.
Twist the 18” galvanized pipe into the open end of the elbow.
Slide one of the skinny panels onto the galvanized pipe.
Twist the end cap on. Then repeat the steps on the opposite side.
I’m happy with how these rods turned out. I love the industrial look mixed with farmhouse chic.