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Spotted Pup

Some of the most comforting recipes are actually the simplest and that’s the case for me when I think about my mom’s rice pudding. Even though she didn’t skimp on the “extras” in this dish, it was still rather plain when compared to things like chocolate layer cake. But, that didn’t matter to us kids as her spotted pup was always perfectly delicious and spiced with just a bit of zesty nutmeg.

The name might throw some off, but this dessert was a popular one for ranch hands while out on the trail in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Cattle herders would have to round up the animals after they had gone far and wide foraging during the warmer months. This meant weeks at a time with no replenishment of the food stores.

For this reason a lot of shelf stable ingredients were used to create unique dishes. And, many of them have very colorful names! Spotted pup is said to to have been named after the spotted black-and-white cattle dogs that the ranchers had around. And, it does give off spotted vibes with the raisins in it.

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