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Salisbury Steak Skillet

When we think comfort food, we always think meat and potatoes. Other than ice cream and apple pie, we can’t think of a more classic combination of foods that makes everyone feel satisfied. Cooking up comfort foods during the week is super easy to do. Simple ingredients can be whipped up for a weeknight meal that brings everyone to the table to enjoy some good food and quality time. One of our favorites to serve is this super easy Salisbury steak skillet. It’s savory, hearty, and just about as delicious as comfort food can get. Check out how we do it.
We take simple ingredients and seasonings, like ground beef, onions, mushroom, and beef stock, and whip them into a delicious meat and gravy combination. The right combination of seasonings will really give the meat some flavor, and who can say no to a savory brown gravy…we certainly can’t! Everything cooks up in one skillet, which means easy to cook and easy to clean up. The meal finishes in the oven and comes out looking and smelling absolutely heavenly. Expect to hear a stampede of hungry family members as they rush to the table to gobble up this amazing meal.
Salisbury steaks aren’t really “steaks” in the true sense of the word. They’re ground beef, formed into patties that are called “steaks.” And the name – Salisbury – is rooted in American history; it was the name of a Civil War doctor who studied the diet and digestive problems faced by Union soldiers during the war. Fast-forward 100 years and the Salisbury steak became a go-to on the TV-dinner circuit. Today, we can whip up this meal from scratch, and if you take a few shortcuts with the side dishes, you can have a wholesome dinner on the table in virtually no time.

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