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Loaded Cheesy Pocket Tacos

This is a great fast meal when you are constantly on the go. In my house, we are always taking the kids to this sport, that sport, a school meeting, church group or to a friend’s house. So I love meals like this! I can make them ahead and keep them warm. When the kids are ready, they grab and we go. I can not lie to you, I had actually thought of something like this a long time ago, but for some reason I figured it would be too much work.

For me, any dish that I can serve with options makes the task even easier on me. Whoever is eating can decide what they want on their cheesy pocket taco. Also, this is such a great idea, these pockets can hold many different types of food. You do not have to make just cheesy tacos for these pockets. You could stuff them with ham and cheese, rice and beans, salad fixings, just about anything.

This recipe states to roll like a burrito, however, I place the filling off center on the tortilla and then fold the tortilla in half. I use egg wash to seal the edges and use a stiff for to ‘fringe’ the edges.

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