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Smacked Cucumber Salad

Spicy Smacked Cucumber Salad. Refreshing cucumber marinated in a delicious spicy garlic soy-based sauce. A tasty side dish ready in 10 minutes!

Spicy Smacked Cucumber Salad features crunchy cucumbers marinated in a garlic savoury and sweet sauce with a hint of nuttiness from the sesame oil and a spicy kick from the Chinese chili oil. This concoction makes my Chinese spicy cucumber salad a winner! A great vegan Chinese vegetable side dish that you can pair with steamed rice, and protein. This smacked cucumber salad recipe is quick and easy to make with minimal ingredients.

This side dish is common way to eat cucumbers in Asia and there are many different variations of it from garlicky to sweet. But I want to make mine spicy since I had a lot of homemade Sichuan chili oil left that I needed to use up. You can of course use store bought chili oil or try my homemade Chinese Chili Oil.

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