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Skillet Steak And Potatoes

Meat and potatoes will always be a winning combo, but it is crucial—and I mean very crucial—to keep things interesting. In this simple version of the dynamic duo, a skillet of crispy potatoes and tender, seared flank steak gets bathed in a tangy, savory garlic mustard butter sauce. Now that’s what I mean by interesting. Make it a complete meal by adding a simple arugula salad or your favorite oven-roasted veggie. Keep reading for tips on how to nail this simple dish.

Perfectly crispy potatoes:
The secret to perfect pan-roasted potatoes is patience. The potatoes will brown well before they become crisp, so you’ll need to regulate the pan’s temperature and keep the potatoes moving so that they cook evenly. The other secret is using a thin-skinned potato. Using a creamier waxy potato will yield a much more desirable result than using a starchy russet.

What kind of steak is best?
Flank steak is always my go-to, especially for quick cooking recipes—but skirt steak or sirloin would be great alternatives.

Cook the steak in batches:
Avoid overcrowding the pan and cook the steak in two batches. Batch cooking will ensure the meat gets a good sear instead of steaming.

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