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Sheet Pan Barbecue Chicken Dinner

You know those summer meals that you wish would stretch on forever? They usually include: warm weather and an outdoor table, good company and plenty of laughs, juicy sweet corn on the cob, and chicken coated in sticky tangy-sweet barbecue sauce. (A watermelon is right on target too.) While I can’t guarantee the first two for you, I can give you a way to produce that same meal any time of year without even stepping outside to your grill. It’s a complete barbecue dinner on a single baking sheet with chicken, veggies, potatoes, and corn on the cob – it’s summer on a sheet pan!

I love a sheet pan dinner. There’s just something so satisfying about throwing a bunch of ingredients onto a single baking sheet and pulling a complete, well-rounded meal out of the oven. I’ve fallen head over heels for a few before, but I think this one just might be my all-time favorite. It’s such a classic combination and everyone loves it, so it works for family, company, whatever!

And it’s not one of those tricky sheet pan meals that claim to be easy but really involve adding and removing ingredients thanks to incompatible cooking times. Nope. In this one, everything cooks together for the same amount of time in the oven. The chicken is done at the same time as the corn and the potatoes and the zucchini. No hassle.

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