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Sausage And Bean Cassoulet

A cassoulet is a stew made with beans and meat…slow cooked comfort food at it’s finest. We’ve taken the cassoulet idea and turned it into more of a casserole, with the same comforting results. A meaty, protein-packed cassoulet is one of our favorite solutions for a rich, satisfying dinner.


A traditional cassoulet takes a little more time and preparation, and as much as we love to fuss over a home-cooked meal, a busy weeknight isn’t the right time for that luxury. This shortcut version packs the same hearty flavor, and it takes less than an hour from start to finish to get it ready. We use canned beans and seasoned, quick-cooking Italian sausages so there’s no need to soak and marinate ahead of time, and it’s easy to throw it together on short notice. We think the homemade breadcrumbs make this dish extra special, and it only takes a minute to make them. It’s hard to believe that this beautiful, mouthwatering cassoulet is so easy!

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