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Sauerkraut Cake

If you’re looking at this luscious, delicious chocolate cake and wondering if there’s really sauerkraut in it then the answer is “yes”! But, don’t worry- this isn’t a sauerkraut cake. What I mean by that is that it doesn’t taste like sauerkraut at all. This German condiment adds a lot of moisture and texture to the cake, but you’d never know that there’s sauerkraut in the batter! It’s kind of like when you add applesauce to a cake and you never really taste much apple flavor.

This cake is the most like a really nice chocolate bakery cake in terms of flavor that I’ve ever made at home. Honestly, it’s one of the better chocolate cakes I’ve had in quite some time which is not something I would have expected from this combination.

For the sauerkraut you want to make sure the kraut is well drained (squeezed dry if you can) and that it is chopped finely. You can also use a food processor for this.

You don’t want bigger pieces of the cabbage in the batter to give it away. When chopped small many people will mistake the cabbage for coconut.

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