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rozen Strawberry Cheesecake Sandwiches

Your mouth will water just to look at these wonderful cheesecake sandwiches. I hope you want shrug this off as too much work because they are well worth it. They are so good. Please try this recipe and let me know what you think.
-I used a 1-3/4″ cookie scoop and I liked the results. Mine did puff and they needed extra time to bake but I also have a convection oven, boohoo not a gas oven. I did make some changes on the filling because I did not have heavy cream. I think the whipped cream would be better. Overall, my family loved them! I think that I will make a double cookie recipe next time and put them in the freezer for a last minute dessert. Thank you for this recipe. Loves to cook, Helene
-reat recipe! I had a few issues, but I can adjust! When I baked them, they were really puffy! So I’m thinking I need to flatten the spoonfuls of dough before I bake them. As they were, there was just too much cookie per sandwich! A few subs I made, just because I was I had and didn’t have in my pantry…subbed crushed pretzels for graham cracker crumbs, and blueberries for the strawberries. I also didn’t have the “cool whip” that I noticed in a comment you were referring to in the ingredient list (I agree with some other posters, that might be made a little clearer. 😉 I used heavy whipping cream and just whipped it, then folded it in. I had a lot of filling left over, but I imagine if my cookies had been flatter, that wouldn’t have been the case. As it were, I ended up with a nice “blueberry cheesecake ice cream” dessert for the hubby to enjoy. 😉 Thanks for a fabulous recipe that we’ll enjoy tweaking!

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