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Rice And Tomato Southern Pork Chop

My good friend and neighbor, Sally, is from the deep south. Louisiana to be exact. Sally is always whipping up delicious southern recipes for me to try. If you are a regular reader of my recipe blogs then you know that I am a northerner. However, I was born in Houston, TX and spent the first six months of my life there so by default, does that make me a Southerner? Anyway, Sally had eaten a brown gravy pork chop meal that I had made the other day and she told me she thought they were super good but she wanted to introduce me to a southern pork chop meal.

I was game as I LOVE food. The next week, Sally had my husband and I and our three children over to her and her husband’s home for southern pork chops. I was surprised that the chops were covered in a red tomato sauce and not a brown our onion gravy!

The flavor was robust and intense, which is something I like. Sally told me the recipe for this yummy southern meal and now I am happily sharing it with all of you. Enjoy!

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