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Refinishing 101: From Used to Modern Dining Table

Hola amigos! I’m here today to share the process I took to turn my bargain dining table into the lovely, modern piece it is now. I’m blessed to have a mom that’s been refinishing furniture for years (she’s an Interior Designer by trade), and she showed me how to do the entire process when my parent’s came to visit a couple weekends ago. She’s kind of like my personal Yoda. 🙂

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a professional. Although I was taught by one, her first advice is always to read the labels first. Please observe all safety instructions and follow handling methods as listed on the materials themselves!

09-14-13 Table Refinishing 101 by Britta Swiderski

Let’s begin with a look at the supplies used for this project. I’ve linked to all of them below mostly so you can see exact specifications of what I used. Everything we used on the project was purchased at Home Depot or a hand-me-down from my mom (most likely also purchased at Home Depot). Really, we should buy stock in Home Depot.

09-14-13 Refinishing 101 Supplies by Britta Swiderski

For staining table top – oil-based:

  • Zinsser Deglosser (amazon)
  • Chemical Safety Gloves (always use these with deglosser!) (amazon)
  • 2″ brush or 2.5″ brush (to be used with oil-based products only) (amazon)
  • Minwax Polyshades Classic Black Satin Stain and Poly in One (amazon)
  • 000 Steel Wool (amazon)
  • Tack cloth (amazon)
  • Mineral Spirits (for cleaning brushes or splatters of stain) (amazon)

For painting table legs – water-based:

  • Rust-oleum Filler Primer in Grey (amazon)
  • Spray handle for easy spraying (the shining hero of the day!) (amazon)
  • 2″ or 2.5″ brush (to be used with water-based products) (amazon)
  • Small paint brush for getting into detail work and tight areas
  • Behr Latex Flat Interior Paint in Aqua Spray (two light coats used approx. 1/3 quart) (home depot)
  • Minwax Polycrylic Water-Based Clear Satin Protective Finish Spray (amazon)

General supplies:

  • Paint drop cloth
  • Soap and water (remove any existing dirt or dust before priming)
  • Sheet of plastic + painters’ tape (to mask off table top)
  • Cardboard to act as a guard for overspray if working in a confined area
  • Plastic wrap (for wrapping up brushes in between coats)
  • Old t-shirts or shop rags
  • Cups and container for holding mineral spirits while and after cleaning

Got it? Okay, let’s refinish a table!

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