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Vibrant and festive red velvet cupcakes combine moist cake with classic cream cheese frosting for a stunning individually-sized dessert. Easy to make and fun to decorate with a swirl of frosting and cake crumbles!

Red velvet cupcakes have a lightly flavored chocolate cake batter that’s both moist and beautiful and made with simple ingredients. Red velvet combines cocoa powder and buttermilk for a distinctive taste that balances sweetness with the tang of buttermilk and rich cream cheese frosting. Red food coloring gives these tiny cakes a festive and bright scarlet hue.

The batter mixes together easily, and the smooth and tangy cream cheese frosting is the finishing touch for these absolutely perfect red velvet cupcakes! This recipe is simple enough to make as a sweet treat after work, yet is elegant enough to serve with Christmas dinner! For more cupcake recipes, try my vanilla cupcake recipe, easy chocolate cupcakes, or lemon cupcake recipe.

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