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Raspberry Dip

You know those food combinations that you don’t expect to work, but then they just really, really do? Well that’s this Raspberry Dip for you. Hearing the name, you might expect it to be sweet, but it’s not. At least not completely. It’s more of a savory dip with a sweet li’l topping… yes, there’s plenty of sweet raspberry preserves to spread on a cracker, but there’s a creamy concoction of sharp cheddar, green onion, and some other goodies too. And maybe that all sounds crazy, but it makes a really great sweet and savory team. You’ll see.

I first had this at a party where I dipped into it only expecting the sweet flavor of the fruit on top, but this is the kind of thing where one bite in you’re going what is IN this? You can’t quite place it, maybe because the combination is a little unique, but you also can’t stop dipping. Which makes it a hit at every party!

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