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Raspberry Chocolate Bars

These are somewhat time consuming but oh so worth it!
-this sounds wonderful I have one similar that has almond paste and raspberry with chocolate..I want to try your recipe -thanks…
-SO glad you tried them and liked them! I’ve tried with orange marmalade and Strawberry/Rhubarb jams and loved them both!! Let me know what flavors you try and please post pictures if you can! Thanks!
-These are so so good!!! A friend made homemade raspberry jam and we used that. We made them a few times until the jam was all gone-LOL! They were that good. I want to try some variations on the fruit. GREAT recipe!
-OH EM GEE! I signed on to this site just to leave you a review of these heavenly bars. First off. My husband says thank you. I have never seen this mans face turn into that of a 10 year old boys face so fast as when I break these deliciousnessess out of the freezer. I could get anything out of him. There are perks! So dreamy. So creamy. The snap of the frozen thin layer of chocolate means you have done it right! Thank you so much. I am a rock star to my family when I make these. And I know they will be a twice a year mainstay in our family for as long as I live, probably longer. You are a GODDESS!

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