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Raise Your Hand If You Love Cornbread And Casseroles!

When I was on summer break for college one year I spent an entire summer at my aunt’s home in Florida. I had such a wonderful time. There is so much to do in that state. Well, at least where my aunt lives. I swear that we went to the beach almost every single day, which was a real treat for me. I grew up in the north so going to the beach is exactly what I needed.
We spent a lot of time exploring different areas in Florida. My aunt showed me a lot of the different cultures in florida. I think I ate so much food that summer. Speaking of food, every week my aunt would show me how to make a really delicious, easy, and cheap meal. She would have me write down the recipe and said that I was to take this back to college with me.
One of MY FAVORITE recipes that my aunt had me try and write down was this cornbread casserole. This was one of my favorite meals that I ever had at her house. I my roommates loved this dish too. It was so easy for us to make and so very cheap too! I have been out of college for quite some time now and I still make this dish for my family and occasionally for one of my old college roommates when we see each other.

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