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Depression-Era Hot Milk Cake

When asked to think of Depression-era recipes, what comes to mind for you? We first think of all the ingredients people had to do without, or unexpected substitutions that were found, but that are still strange to think about cooking with (e.g. when people baked cakes with mayonnaise as an egg and oil replacement), but you know what? A lot of those recipes are still totally delectable today, regardless of the fact that we have access to almost any ingredients we could want. Here, we’ve got a great recipe for hot milk cake that hails from the Depression, and that definitely stands the test of time – it’s just so good!

Other cakes – crazy cake, for example – might call for atypical cake ingredients, but hot milk cake is a pretty straightforward cake, calling for all the typical fixin’s. It’s a perfectly simple and simply perfect cake that holds its own against fancier desserts since it tastes amazing. Case in point: while we ended up throwing together a quick glaze, this really doesn’t need it. The cake is deliciously moist, with just the right balance of buttery, vanilla-y flavor, and we can say from experience that it doesn’t get better than this, folks. Whip up that glaze if you please, you’ve got an amazing dish on your hands regardless and can’t go wrong.


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