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Prime Rib Roast Au Jus Perfect Every Time! No Fail

This is my go-to recipe for perfect prime rib roast every.single.time! No matter what size roast you are cooking, the directions are the same. Very simple! I have never veered from this recipe and due to the cost of this roast, I prepare it this way and it has never let me down…ever! If you are wanting to try a rib roast for Christmas, try this recipe. You cannot go wrong as it is full proof! Did I mention it is super easy? 🙂 I cannot remember where I got this recipe. It is typed out on paper the size of a recipe card. I think I got it at the butchers years and years ago.

Prime rib is an expensive cut of meat so having a foolproof method of cooking it is key. Follow Deb’s instructions and you’ll have a tender, succulent roast your family will love. There are no fancy seasonings in this recipe – just salt and pepper. The true flavor of the meat shine’s bright. The simple Au Jus is the perfect touch. This easy to follow roast recipe will be delicious for a special occasion.

To Make this Recipe You’Il Need the following ingredients:

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