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Preventing Hair Loss: Products, Tips, and Causes

There are lots of different ways that people can lose their hair. For the majority of us, it’s a result of genetics, which we’re reminded of every time we look at our parents or grandparents. Losing your hair or having it thin beyond recognition can be emotional for some people, so many strive to reverse it by changing their habits or adopting a new hair care routine.

If you’ve started to notice bald patches or larger clumps of hair in the shower drain, the situation may be reversible. These shampoos, treatments, and tips have shown enormous promise helping people get their regular hair back.

Common Causes of Hair Loss

It shouldn’t surprise you, but the primary cause of hair loss in most people is genetics.

If you have genetic hair loss or balding, it typically starts with a gradual thinning on the top of your scalp. It will depend greatly on how you style your hair, but men generally lose hair in an “M” shape radiating out from the scalp, while women may see a gradual widening of the part at the center of their forehead.

Other times, hair loss occurs as a side effect of medication or a medical condition.

Some conditions that can cause hair loss include:

  • Ringworm;
  • Alopecia areata;
  • Thyroid problems, and;
  • Pregnancy and childbirth.

Certain medications that are used to treat depression, heart problems, and high blood pressure have also been known to cause hair loss.

It’s slightly more unusual, but there are some people that experience sudden hair loss after a traumatic or stressful event. In these situations, you may notice excessive hair loss as you’re brushing or combing out your hair.

Even certain hairstyles which pull tightly on the hair can eventually cause hair loss.

6 Shampoos That Can Prevent Hair Loss and Thicken Hair

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