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Potato Cakes

I made up this recipe back in 1985 when I got my first apartment and was begining to experiment in the kitchen. I was trying to use leftovers, but I didnt know how to cook. After many years of adjusting the recipe this is how we make it now. Turns out we love to eat this with breakfast, eggs, bacon and potato cakes!
-Love potato cakes, and even better that you can bake them….why not just bake all in one and cut into wedges or squared….either way good, and lot less work…..can’t wait to try them….thanks for great recipe…..
-I will try these and they look delicious but I would never have 6 cups of leftover potatoes. I will probably just cut in half and make 4 small patties. great idea.
-Congratulations on the blue ribbon!! We love potato cakes, and I make them all the time. It would be nice to be able to have a different recipe with different ingredients, and I am sure looking forward to trying yours. They look so good they could be a main entree! I am such a fan of your recipes, Helene! I will try it soon. Thanks for posting this one. 🙂 Saved!

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