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Pool Noodle Headboard

If you’ve ever shopped for furniture you know things can add up pretty quickly! My best friend recently purchased her first home and wanted to move in with some fresh pieces. We found an upholstered headboard online for $800!! Yikes! After looking at it for a bit, I decided to spend a few bucks and try to make it myself

pool noodle headboard

We picked up some hardboard from Lowes and had it cut to her desired size (totally up to you). We then hit the swimming aisle of Target and got 20 thick pool noodles. They carry two sizes and she preferred the larger ones. Lastly, a quick stop at Hobby Lobby for this yummy black velvet fabric (add 2-3 inches to your board size to determine fabric dimensions). The rest of the supplies I had at home.

3M adhesive spray

Staple gun


Sharp knife or box cutter

Scrap 1×2 or straight edge to draw a straight line.

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