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PMS Cookies

This is a little bit chocolate, a little bit salt, a little bit peanut butter and then there’s the fluff – everything you need to combat PMS!!
-Best cookies ever! I tried them because of the high rating but they didn’t sound like they were going to be that good. I was totally wrong. These cookies were amazing! I like them best frozen. I keep them in the freezer. Thanks for sharing this recipe.
-I have been making these for years with just peanut butter. The kids and grandkids love them. I will have to try the marshmallow.
-Kris Downs, Saltines works well also in this recipe. I have made them at Christmas & other times when I have my grandchildren with me, they loved them always ask me to make them. I like them myself.
-I have been making these for years without the marshmallow creme, my children & grand-children love them, just can’t keep them very long. Sometimes I would dip them in white chocolate, my husband loved them this way.Next time I’ll try them with the marshmallow creme, sounds delish.

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