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Pickle Fried Chicken

Pickle Brined Fried Chicken is not only delicious, but the chicken is also moist and never dry. The crispy seasoned coating is so tasty, this will be a much-requested fried chicken at all the cookouts!

Oh yeah. I know what you’re thinking. PICKLE BRINED FRIED CHICKEN??? Oh seriously my beautiful friend, this is the chicken with the mostest, I can tell you that. Super flavorful, super moist. There isn’t a dry bite (or a sour puss pickle face look) anywhere when you make this lip smackin’ chicken!

The idea is to marinate the chicken pieces in pickle brine for 6 – 12 hours (or overnight) before you even begin to season it. The pickle brine helps tenderize and flavor the chicken in a wonderful way.

You’d think that the chicken would taste like a huge pickle, but it doesn’t! Trust me on this one!

If you don’t have pickle juice from a jar of commercially prepared pickles, you can certainly make your own brine easily enough. I just find it a lot easier to use a jar of leftover pickle juice from a jar that’s almost empty.

So if you have a jar of Aunt Bee’s pickles that you absolutely adore and there’s only 1 lonely pickle floating around in there, enjoy the pickle and use that juice to make this pickle brined fried chicken! Nothing goes to waste and it’s a win-win!

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