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Painting Furniture the Easy Way With a Wagner Sprayer

Does the thought of painting furniture seem overwhelming? Over the years we’ve painted over 100 pieces of furniture and learned a few tips and tricks along the way. Since we started using the Wagner sprayer we felt like we’ve died and gone to painter’s heaven. In fact, using a paint sprayer is so much easier than you think!

We’ve shared how quickly we were able to paint all of the interior doors in Steph’s house with the Wagner sprayer.

While today we’d like to share how to use the detailed spray nozzle to get a beautiful smooth finish while painting furniture.

You’ll also find tips for prepping the furniture before paint, tips for sticky drawers, as well as how to apply gilding for a little bit of glam.

These furniture pieces were painted for a client. You’ll see the transformation of a vintage dresser and vanity. Once we were finished, they looked so beautiful I wanted to keep them for myself.

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painting furniture the easy way with a wagner sprayer

Here’s a peek of what the furniture looked like before painting them. The finish had definitely seen better days and the glaze just dated the pieces.

This 6 piece bedroom set we found on Facebook Marketplace and would you believe all 6 pieces were only $50! I mentioned it to my hairdresser and she immediately wanted it for her daughter.

Scroll down to see how this dresser and vanity were transformed into beautiful farmhouse furniture with a bit of glam.

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