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Outdoor DIY Grilling Station

We recently purchased a small Solaire portable grill that would allow us to grill outdoors simply. However, we quickly realized that we didn’t have anything to put the portable grill on. And we are still pretty much under “stay at home” orders here in southern Maine. Therefore, we rummaged up an old inexpensive dresser, some old shutters, and barn wood and created this adorable outdoor grilling station.

outdoor diy grilling station
Inexpensive Dresser/BureauRemoved the drawers, keeping with the bottom one and added a piece of wood to fit over the open drawer on the bottom.

Portable GrillThis small portable grill fit perfectly inside including a small gas can that works with this grill. We plan to store the grill here, cover it with the shutter doors and place it on top when we are ready to grill.

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