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Our DIY Paver Patio With New Decor

Hi there! We’ve been busy making stuff happen over here at the 1922 Blue Bungalow! We’ve moved into our new home!

So we’ve been here for only a short time, but it was important to us to have a space outside to hang out. This patio happened very unexpectedly. My honey was perusing through FB Market Place one evening and came upon these 16″ x 16″ patio pavers for $1 each! We couldn’t resist it because pavers are expensive yall!

our diy paver patio with new decor
BEFOREThis is how it looked just outside our sun room. Lots of sand that is annoying to walk on and patchy grass.

We built our patio all in one days time. That includes us driving all the way to sellers house, digging the pavers out of the ground, loading them into our trailer and then driving back home to unload and place into a patio that looks like this! Whew!

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