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WoodShed Goulash

We love the fact that EVERYTHING in this recipe cooks in one skillet—the beef, the sauce, and the macaroni. Once you cook pasta this way, you’ll never go back to boiling water again. (Our Italian Mac N Cheese uses the same hack, and it’s one of our all time favourite recipe.)

Gou-lash: A mixture of many different elements; a hodgepodge. Sometimes, I feel like my brain is Goulash! Do you ever feel that way? Too many things to think about and worry about, and sometimes it can feel like one big hodgepodge! And my life is pretty average compared to most. I guess we all have our different versions and levels of goulash in our lives ?

Today’s tried and true recipe is a good kind of goulash. Cheesy hamburger to be exact! I’m all about simple these days and this recipe is just that! Although it has a number of different seasonings, it is just simple enough to please all ages. The kids loved it, the husband loved it, Gammy and Papa loved it! Try it out and tell us how much you and your family loved it too.

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