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One Color Painted Buffet Makeover

We transformed this heavily used and worn down sideboard into a beauty and you can too! We spotted this well made piece as part of a china cabinet on one of the local yardsale sites for a steal of a deal! The only hitch was that we had to rent a Home Depot truck to get it home, it was just too large for our van. We didn’t plan on using the top for this makeover, so we packed that away for another makeover in the future.

one color painted buffet makeover
Before – Needs a lot of TLC!Well, it certainly has good bones, that much is true! The scuffs and dings were plentiful but that did not matter, we knew it could be saved!

Cosmetic IssuesWe started off cleaning with Krud Kutter and watching years of use slowly wash away. We rinsed and let dry, then followed with a thorough sanding with our electric sander.

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