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My Mom was the best baker I have ever known, along with Great Aunt Jane. Whether it was pies, breads, cakes, or…..yes, doughnuts. Even though they are fried, I classify that as a baking product because of the dough you use. I stated somewhere before on here that my Mom never owned a cookbook. I lied! Well, actually, I forgot about this one. This recipe comes from a 1957 ROBIN HOOD COOKBOOK that was my Mom’s. I still have it to this day & is the one I treasure the most. The rolls & loaves of bread & OH….the doughnuts she made from that cookbook! These simply melt in your mouth.
-Peggi, made your doughnuts yesterday. Was pleased with the rise on them. They fried up real good but dough seemed a little heavy. Today they are a little tough and have seem to dropped a little. Still alright by putting in microwave for 8 seconds. Would like for the dough to me a little more lighter and airy. What have I done wrong?
-Thanks Colleen. I don’t know why only get part of these notifications. Lynda it’s like calling said I haven’t tried freezing them either but don’t see why you couldn’t. If you freeze the dough though be sure to give it plenty of time to rise afterwards. Let us know how it turns out. Thank you
-This recipe works every time for me, but you may have used old yeast, or used too hot of water, or just didn’t let them rise long enough. They must rest and rise prior to frying. Hope this helps you! xo

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