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Next Level Backsplash Makeover

PaintI painted with a good ultra white semi gloss paint. Two coats were enough to have a nice and clean white look.

Add Metallic gold accent areasIt is quite boring to have a plain white backsplash. I decided to buy this small metallic paint. It’s called Glorious Gold. Not very bright but not vintage, so it’s just in between. And of course a sponge brush for an even application.

“Tap” on the goldWith the sponge brush, I tapped the gold paint gently and very lightly over the 3D texture of the backsplash. I had to brush in kind of limp and fluid motion, just following my hand’s movements. Like dancing ballet, sort of 😉

Seal itUsing a sealer over the finished work is very important to protect the backsplash from the frequent wiping and cleaning. After all, it’s a kitchen and kitchens get dirty and need to be cleaned very often. I used a spray sealer that I found on sale way before I moved to this house. Some times, buying things on sale that you don’t need right away can be very useful later.

Zoom inThat’s how it looks now.

AfterThis is how it looks after this fun project. The kitchen looks bigger and more interesting. My husband who is never impressed finally was this time. I’m planing to change the cabinet hardware and I’ll share the result. If you decide to try this project, believe me you’ll have lots of fun.



See you soon on the next Hometalk project.

Kitchen look after replacing hardware from silver to Gold.