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Next Level Backsplash Makeover

When I moved to my new house a month and a half ago, I found lots of fun project opportunities to share with you guys. One of them is my ugly kitchen backsplash makeover. I’m not ready for a full kitchen remodel and I don’t plan to do one, because I mostly like it as is, it just needs some small modifications. Today I’ll show you how I upgraded my backsplash with almost no money.

Beforethe steel tile panel was giving me a headache every time I looked at it. The cabinets were bamboo and the appliances were steel and black. I felt like the steel tile backsplash was not matching the general look and was giving the illusion of a smaller kitchen. So here was my fix!

Watch the video for the full update.

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Prepare the surfaceThe backsplash needs to be well cleaned and air dry before any work can begin. Yes, I worked on the actual steel backsplash. No removing no replacing, just updating it. Remove the outlets for easier work.

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