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Never have a dirty kitchen again. 10 best cleaning tips for the kitchen

Cleaning the kitchen can be such a drag! Unfortunately getting bugs or a food-borne illness is a bigger drag, so keeping the heart of the home clean and tidy is a must! Regular cleaning is a great way to keep your family healthy and your home feeling like home.
Check out these 10 tips to get your kitchen even cleaner!
1. Clean your cutting boards the right way
Keep your tummy safe from germs by properly cleaning your cutting boards. You can safely wash plastic, glass and acrylic cutting boards in the dishwasher. Use a damp sponge with soap to scrub food remnants off a wooden cutting board. Run under water to rinse. Rinse all boards with bleach or white vinegar and wipe them dry with a cloth completely, according to CuttingBoard.com.

2. Natural cleaner for the floor
Clean your kitchen floors with 1 cups of white vinegar in a gallon of water. The vinegar helps disinfect your floors without the harsh chemicals (plus kiddos can safely help scrub!). The odor will evaporate and your floors will shine. You can also pour 1/2 cup of baking soda into two gallons of water and scrub.

3. Clean stove top with
If your stove top looks like that Linus from Charlie Brown, try Bar Keeper’s Friend. The Non-Consumer Advocate recommends this bleach-free cleaner. Sprinkle on the stove and scrub away with elbow grease in just a few minutes. Note: while environmentally friendly, it may agitate the skin, so wear gloves! (See image at the top of the article)
4. Clean your microwave in a snap
It’s a small space, and it’s a pain to clean… or not. Place a few wet paper towels in the microwave and turn it on high for up to five minutes. Let the towels cool down, then use them to wipe away the grime with ease, Reader’s Digest recommends.

5. Scrub the vent hood
Get rid of sticky dust on the vent hood with a bit of cooking or mineral oil. Just pour a few drops on a towel and wipe the hood clean, then use soap and water to wash away the leftover oil.

6. Scrub the oven racks
Make scrubbing the oven racks a ton easier in the tub. Layer dryer sheets on the bottom of your tub and place your racks on top. Then fill the tub with warm water to cover the racks. Add 1/2 cup of dish soap and allow them to soak overnight. In the morning, drain the tub and use the dryer sheets to wipe them clean, Living Direct recommends. ​

7. Wash the dishwasher rack
When you’re washing the dishwasher, don’t forget to pull out the shelves and give them a good scrub down with soap and water every once in a while. You can use this time to get between the crevices inside the dishwasher too! ​

8. Really clean the disposal
Your garbage disposal can get nasty fast! Make sure you really clean it out by tackling the undersides of the rubber covering with a toothbrush and soap. Then toss ice and lemon rides in and run the disposal to sharpen the blades and kill odor, Family Handyman recommends.

9. Clean the George Foreman like a pro
The George Foreman grill has saved many a last-minute meal with its quick-cooking features, but this appliance can be a pain to clean. If your grill does not have removable plates try placing moist paper towels onto the grill while it’s still warm and close it (make sure to shut it off and unplug it). After a bit, wipe away most of the grease. You can then use a damp rag and soap to get rid of any residue.

10. Remove odors from the fridge
Freshen up your refrigerator by placing brewed coffee grounds on a plate and placing it in your fridge. The coffee will soak up the odors. Make sure to thoroughly clean the inside with baking soda and vinegar every few weeks to keep germs (and odors) away.

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