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My Budget Kitchen Makeover

First I removed the cabinets and hauled them outside to give them a good scrub to remove years of dirt and grime.
Next, I filled the old holes with putty and let that dry. Then I lined them all up on sawhorses and began spraying them with primer and paint.
I used Benjamin Moore Advance paint, color: White Dove for this project. It is self-leveling and I’m very happy with how it has all come together!
Ta-da!!! Look at the transformation!! It’s my dream kitchen!!! And best of all it didn’t break the bank at all!!!
It’s light and bright – a wonderful space to work and entertain!
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It took me a long time to do this project but it was due to other commitments that I had (like launching my new national magazine!!) but I think you could do a makeover like this in about 2 weeks or so if you were able to really focus on it. Good luck!