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Stuffed Pepper Soup

– WOW! This is the best. My husband was skeptical but LOVES it. As others have said the rice does absorb the liquid so I make up half the rice and put it into half of the soup to eat right away and freeze the other half the soup without the rice. Then make up and add the rice when we have the the rest later. We also put in about 3 green peppers chopped into large chunks and usually more chicken broth.
– Excellent! It really does taste like stuffed peppers. I did end up using beef broth instead of chicken, added garlic, used oregano and basil instead of sage and thyme(didnt have any) Also added 2 jalapeno’s which added a little spice. It reminded me alot of Stouffer’s stuffed peppers which I love. I do think next time I wont add the rice to the whole pot but add some to the bowls as we go.

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