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Mile High Strawberry Pie!

This is a simple yet wonderful pie! The strawberries are piled high…. and aren’t mushy… but fresh! This is not an overly sweet pie… the flavor of the fresh strawberries shine through… It can be made with regular or sugar free Jell-O. If you like strawberries… this is the pie for you! It looks like you worked on it all day… When you bring this pie out for dessert… everyone’s eyes get so big… and so do the smiles! .
-Made this pie again this afternoon. Since hubby didn’t get a piece of the one that I made for our senior luncheon the last time I made one of these, I decided I should make one just for us. He will definitely get at least one piece of this one! 5/13/16 This is an easy and very delicious recipe.
-Made this again today, Colleen. Didn’t heap the strawberries quite as high as I’m taking it to a pot luck at church tomorrow. Don’t want to lose a half mile of my strawberries on the way. LOL.
This sure is a wonderful pie! We love it here.
-I tried this recipe and it was awesome. Everyone love it. So every time strawberry season comes along, I have to bake this wonderful pie for all of my friends. Thank you Colleen for sharing this wonderful pie recipe.

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