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Mashed Potato Bites and Cheesy Dip

A recipe I found and tweaked a bit to my families taste. I also added a easy cheese-tastic dipping sauce to the side. These are so sinful and delicious! Enjoy 🙂
-I love your posts and recipes, but your typos, misspellings, and grammar errors make me crazy. I’m a certified proofreader and editor. I hate seeing something that looks so professional lose its credibility with these errors. Please, please, get someone to proofread your posts before they go public.
-This recipe turns leftover mashed potatoes into something super tasty! The mustard and pretzels give these bite-sized treats great taste. And we liked the cheese dip too. Next time we make these, we may add some red pepper flakes to the potatoes to give ’em even more flavor. Great recipe… we couldn’t stop eating these!
-WOW! These sound delicious! Thanks for sharing and I will definitely be making these! Keep up the good work on the Blue Ribbon recipes Christine!

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