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Make Your Old Cookie Sheets Look Like NEW Again!

This, of course, meant I HAD to try it on the rest of the pan. But hey….if all it involved was sprinkling on some baking soda, adding some hydrogen peroxide, and sprinkling on a little MORE baking soda….and waiting….I could do that. Besides, since we had plans to go out to dinner, it would have plenty of time to “work.”

And WORK, it did!  About 2 hours later I checked on the experiment…(I couldn’t wait any longer!) I wiped/rubbed away one corner of the cleaning concoction…and felt almost giddy with excitement! (There is obviously something SERIOUSLY wrong with me! lol) Just look at how all the grime and gunk is absorbed by the miracle cleaner! Cool huh?

I then proceeded to wipe/rub off the rest, and well….the pictures speak for themselves.

Remember folks….there was no heavy scrubbing involved! The dynamic duo did all the “work”….while all *I* had to do was TRY to be patient! A fairly daunting task for YOURS TRULY. But when faced with a choice between BEING PATIENT and SCRUBBING….I’ll take the former. 🙂