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Long John Silver’s Batter

Sometimes you just want a nice little fried food crunch. Nobody brings that snap to fried foods quite like Long John Silver’s. The franchise started in Lexington, Kentucky in 1969 — not exactly a place that makes you think fish and chips. But that was the point — the 1960s were a simpler time and finding fish in the middle of the country wasn’t as common as it is today. The idea was a hit with locals who hadn’t had an opportunity to enjoy that particular fare, and with that, Long John Silver’s spread. Of course, finding an piece of fish you want anywhere in the world is pretty easy today, but there’s something about that crispy crunch on Long John Silver’s fish — with that unique spice blend and golden texture — that makes you want to indulge. The batter is the key — and it’s not that difficult to replicate. This is how to make your own fish at home, just like they do at Long John Silver’s.

Here’s what you need to create your own at-home Long John Silver’s fish: cod (Alaskan if you can get it), soybean oil (or something with little to no trans fats), white flour, corn starch, yellow corn flour, MSG, paprika, white pepper, baking powder, garlic powder, salt, guar gum, and soda water. The full ingredients list is at the end of this article, along with a step-by-step recipe.

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