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First, I should say that I did not receive an award for these Award Winning Lemon Crinkle Cookies cookies, but someone did, and I can definitely see why!
These cheerful cookies, with their fresh lemon flavor, have Spring written all over them. Of course, that shouldn’t stop you from making them any time of year, because they’re absolutely delicious.
I have a lemon cookie recipe that uses a cake mix, but these are so much better! And it really doesn’t take much more time to make them from scratch.
I’m a soft and chewy cookie person, so I love that these cookies stay soft for several days.
This is one of the easiest, tastiest cookie recipes I’ve tried, and a nice change from the chocolate and chocolate chip varieties I usually make. You really should bake up a batch right away!
Just don’t skip the step of rolling the cookies in powdered sugar. It helps create that crackly top you’re looking for.

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