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Kielbasa And Sauerkraut Soup

We always associate soups with comfort food; when we want to warm up during cooler months or when we’re not feeling well, a delicious soup always seems to do the trick. This hearty Polish-style soup with kielbasa and sauerkraut reminds us of traditional family gatherings, but we love it as a quick and easy weeknight dinner too.


Traditionally a soup like this is made with potatoes, but we decided to try something a little different and used red kidney beans instead. Kidney beans add great substance in contrast to the light broth of the soup. If you don’t have red kidney beans, try navy or cannellini beans instead. And the sauerkraut! We normally think of sauerkraut going on a polish sausage and served on a bun, but in this soup, it adds a wonderful brininess and a little texture with that cabbage crunch. Served with crusty bread, warmed and with a pat of butter, this soup is a great belly warmer for cooler days. Whip up a pot of this delicious kielbasa and kraut soup the next time you need an easy and filling meal the family will love.

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