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Juiciest Hamburgers Ever

For you guys who like to grill, this one is for you. This is so easy and so simple. If you are a hamburger lover, like my family and I are, you will love this.

-Just my opinion but why the need for some cooks to be judgmental and downright critical of a recipe? Perhaps the simplicity and the Blue Ribbon wrankle some people? If that is the case then chalk it up to pure pettiness.

Sometimes, simple is best and if this recipe is good enough to be awarded a Blue Ribbon then why judge and pick it apart? Write to the Kitchen Crew to explain your feelings. No need to skewer the recipe and the cook.

It is also rude and uncalled for to tell the cook what they should have done or relate how much better your recipe is. By all means, post your recipe and if it wins a Blue, we will congratulate you.

If you have not actually made the recipe, you

can keep your suggestions about how you would do it better to yourself. Or, post your recipe. Just saying.

Let’s show the respect that we would like to receive to our fellow cooks.

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