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I’ve Been Framed!!

My builder-grade mirror was terrible. Not only did it look cheap, but had some chips on the edges. Since I re-did my bathroom on a budget (see my other posted project!)

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…I did an inexpensive “fix” for the mirror. Here are my steps.

i ve been framed

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Measure the mirror and decide how you want the frame to fit. Use a chop saw (I wish!) or miter box to cut 45 degree angles — to piece the frame together.

A “Problem”

The mirror had raised “diamond” plastic screw-in clips to attach it to the wall. I had to find a way to accommodate the back of the frame.

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I took course sandpaper and smoothed down as much as I could — without compromising the integrity of the clip.

A Solution!

I used brown craft paint to dot each clip. I used the wet paint in the following way…

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