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I Created a Heart-shaped Patio

My landscape goal this summer was to create an oasis of sorts in the garden area of our backyard. We have a very large Maple tree in the center of this area and some of the grass does not grow well due to the shade it provides. There are also two 4′ x 8′ raised garden beds. Both of those things make mowing difficult. So….I decided to make some changes.

i created a heart shaped patio
Deciding on designI had replaced some rectangular bricks that were around my bark beds with another style of brick so I decided to use those bricks in the garden area. I had several rectangular bricks laying on the ground in the spot where I thought a seating area would be nice. I must have rearranged the bricks 5 or 6 times.

Too smallI moved the bricks close together and set the Adirondack chairs on them only to find out that design would be too small. I spread them out in the same shape and just didn’t like it.

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