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Coconut Texas Sheet Cake

Most people have a few recipes that are their favorites. Recipes they make time and time again because they come out perfect every time.

For me, one of those recipes is my chocolate sheet cake. I think it’s perfect. I often use the recipe as a base to make other flavor variations (like lemon, cinnamon and caramel which I have GOT to get pics of so I can share with you!).

Today I decided to make a coconut sheet cake! I had to put my brain on this one though because I knew I wanted to use coconut milk (not just add some coconut extract and call it a day). Because canned coconut milk is partially clear liquid and partially fat, I had to do some math with the recipe.

Which made me a little nervous because I am not a baker by nature and baking isn’t something you can experiment with too much because of the science involved with making it work.

Ugh. Math and science. Neither of which was I ever especially talented with. I’m more of a language arts and history kinda gal. But I scribbled out a recipe, sent up a little prayer and went for it. And maybe I’m better at it than I thought because… this cake is fantastic!

It’s moist and rich but still tender and light and has a TON of coconut flavor from the coconut milk, coconut extract and, obviously, the shredded coconut!

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