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How To Relieve Your Sinus Infection In 20 Seconds

As a result of sinus infections and colds nasal congestion occurs. Infections caused by viruses and bacteria block the nasal passages, which making breathe difficult.
Even though this condition usually soothes within a week, it can be treated more quickly using this simple method.
There is a trick for which you need to use your tongue and thumb in order clean the sinuses within just 20 seconds.
How to cleanse your sinuses within just 20 seconds?
1. Press your tongue against the upper part of the oral cavity and place the thumb between the eyebrows.
2. Apply pressure with the thumb in period of 20 seconds. The sinuses will start drain slowly.
This method’s explanation
Vertically into the nasal cavity extends the vomer bone and it all comes down to it. This technique can help vomer move back and forth, making the sinus drainage easier.
In addition we will present 4 additional nasal remedied for treating nasal congestion:

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