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How To Make Your Brain Stop Worrying, According to Science

The National Institute of Mental Health claims that more than 18% of American adults suffer from anxiety disorders, characterized by excessive tension or worry that causes other physical symptoms.
Did you know that we have ‘two’ brains?
Cognitively we have two brains: the “thinking” brain and the “non-thinking” brain.
Our brains are wired to worry first and think second.
Joseph LeDoux, a brain scientist claims that connections from the cognitive system to the emotional systems are weaker than connections from the emotional systems to the cognitive systems.
Dr. LeDoux is talking about the limbic system that includes hippocampus and amygdala, and is the oldest within the brain. It is a set of structures deep within the breath that evokes the emotional response.
The prefrontal cortex (PFC), the thinking part of our brain is the newest. Because of this we sometimes make dumb decisions though we’re intelligent creatures.
The worrying brain will overrule the thinking brain every time if we don’t know to override it.
And make no mistake, it is essential to know how to overrule the worrying brain.
Because of the fast-paced, 24/7, “always on” society designed for us, we’re overwhelmed by stimulation. Stimulation, regardless if it’s positive or negative, activates the brain’s fight-or-flight (FoF) response.
Overstimulation plus overwhelm equals bad decisions. Remember this formula: (Os + Ow = Bd).

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