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How to Fix Peeling Cabinets

I’ve never been brave enough to repaint my kitchen cabinets (they’re dark but only a few years old). However, an opportunity recently presented itself when I inherited some free cabinets from a neighbor.

The plastic laminate was peeling in places but the cabinets themselves were in excellent shape. They’d be great for storing power tools and project supplies in the garage. Plus, did I mention they were free?

Here’s how they looked on the listing…

how to fix peeling cabinets

And…crickets. None of my neighbors jumped at this offer. Clearly they were destined for greatness in my garage! (The cabinets that is…not my neighbors)



So I loaded three cabinets in my car and started peeling off the veneer. It was easier than I expected.

Once the plastic came off I was left with this particle board surface. I gave them a brief sanding with a 60-grit sandpaper and called it good.

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