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How to Clean Your Front Loader Washing Machine

When your cleaning cycle has completed and you have also given it a good wipe with a soft cloth to remove any excess moisture you are done cleaning your washer!

To clean the gasket I like using a sponge for this step of cleaning my smelly front loading washing machine. Grab your sponge and add a touch of vinegar to it and scrub, scrub, scrub.

You may have to rinse your sponge and reapply vinegar a few times during this process till you get all the grim and junk out especially if you have an animal that sheds a lot of hair!

This step can actually be done daily but it is also important when doing your monthly cleaning of your washer. Not only is it important to wipe down the inside but be sure to focus on wiping down the outside as well. When wiping down the glass of the door that faces the inside of the drum you are removing moisture that could possibly be trapped inside a closed washer for days at a time.

This last step is the most important. It is simple, leave the door open. You want to do this not only after your monthly cleaning but after every wash cycle

Leaving your door open after every wash helps the moisture evaporate quickly. This will help in keeping those unflattering smells from returning