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I have however found a really easy way to clean the stains from the toilet bowl without scrubbing. Want to get rid of those awful stains? Check out this easy way of how to clean toilet stains like a pro.


You will need to start by getting the water out of the bowl. The water just dilutes any of the chemicals that you put in the toilet. You can just take a toilet plunger and plunge until all or most of the water has left the bowl. You can see in the picture below there is just a very small amount of water in the bowl now.


Dry the inside of the toilet bowl where the stains are. Then take a paper towel and get it wet with vinegar. I like to use rubber gloves for this part because it’s kind of gross. You can head over here to Amazon to pick up a box of rubber gloves for cheap. Take the vinegar soaked paper towel and place it up against the stains in the toilet bowl.


Let the paper towels soak against the stains for at least two hours. I have found the worse the stains the longer the paper towels need to be in the bowl. You can let them sit overnight if the stains are really bad.

You can pull up the paper towels and check to see if the stains are gone. When the stains are gone just remove all of the paper towels and throw them away. Then flush the toilet to wash away any remaining vinegar.


I love this method because not only do I not have to scrub but I also don’t risk scratching my toilet bowl. It’s a win-win! You no longer have to wonder how to clean toilet stains! You can easily get rid of those ugly stains in your toilet with just a few minutes of your time. Love this way of how to clean toilet stains? You can see a similar tip on the no-scrub way to clean your shower door using paper towels and vinegar!