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How to clean grease with baby oil

I had a lot of people over back when we had the babe’s blessing and so I did a lot of cleaning. A ton of cleaning. And it was at this time that I didn’t realize how nasty the area above my stove got. It was completely full of grease and grime. Disgusting. The microwave looked like it took the brunt of it, or maybe it was just easier to see on it. Well, I spent hours trying to clean the grease off the microwave, stove and cabinets. The best method I used to do this was hot soapy water. It took a lot of elbow grease and still didn’t get everything up. See the picture below:

How to clean grease : thriftyandchic.com

This is the stuff that wouldn’t come off. Gross! It looks like I didn’t even try cleaning.

Well, I met with some girls the other day and we were discussing cleaning methods, and this awesome idea came up. Cleaning grease with baby oil. How smart is that? So I had to try it!

How to clean grease : thriftyandchic.com

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